Wedding place cards are a great way to let your guests know which dinner option they’ve chosen in advance. These wedding place cards can help guide your guests as they make their way from the ceremony to the reception. When creating place cards, it’s important to remain consistent. If you’re titling a group of guests, make sure you include their full names on the card. Alternatively, you can title only a single guest or skip titles entirely.

Escort cards transition guests from the wedding ceremony to the reception

Escort cards are a fun and elegant way to welcome guests to the reception. They direct guests to their table and can include information about dietary restrictions and meal choices. They are typically placed in groupings before entering the dining room. They can be printed as part of the wedding stationery suite or sourced on a marketplace like Etsy. The cards can also double as guest favors.

Escort cards are also helpful for transitioning guests from the cocktail hour to dinner. They are a great way to direct guests from the ceremony to the reception without a lot of confusion. The cards can be customized to reflect the theme of the wedding and the colors.

Escort cards should be legible and easily readable. They should be placed at a 45-degree angle. They should also be displayed under good lighting.

Place cards indicate which dinner option each guest pre-selected

Place cards are small cards that indicate where guests are sitting at a wedding dinner. Unlike table numbers, place cards do not indicate which dinner option each guest pre-selected. However, they can indicate which entree the guest is going to choose at dinner, letting the waitstaff know which table they need to head to. While place cards are a traditional wedding detail, many couples choose to do without them, and instead encourage their guests to sit where they’re most comfortable.

Place cards can also be used at the reception. These cards typically include the name of each guest as well as their assigned table number. They can be flat or folded, and can come in fun shapes. In addition to indicating the seat, these cards also include the meal preference of each guest, so venue staff know which type of food they should prepare for each guest.

Ways to store wedding place cards

Place cards are an essential part of any wedding reception. They serve many purposes, from telling guests where to sit to facilitating traffic at a buffet table. Place cards are also a fun way to express the theme or colors of your wedding. There are several ways to store wedding place cards, so be sure to find one that works best for your particular wedding.

One great way to store wedding place cards is in a card holder. You can purchase them in a traditional card holder, or you can opt for a sturdier option. Some cardholders are made of wood or natural stone, and have a hole in the centre for the name of the guest. A good place card holder can also serve as a napkin holder.

Another way to store wedding place cards is to combine them with your table decorations. Some couples choose to use fruit as a place card holder, which accentuates their floral arrangements. For example, strawberries are a lovely pairing for a romantic red rose arrangement, while oranges add a bright pop of color to a bright marigold arrangement. A place card holder is also a great idea as a wedding favor for your guests. Your guests can use their personalized seating assignments long after the event is over.