Whether you are moving into a new home or simply looking for a better way to secure your doors, you will find that sideload locks are the modern solution for your needs. There are several types of lock that you can use in your home, including single and double maglocks, multi-point locks, surface locks, and deadbolts. These locks will help you stay safe and secure, as well as reduce the amount of bacteria that can transfer from one room to another. BQT Solutions is an expert in the creation, production, and supply of card and biometric readers of the highest calibre and level of security, electromechanical locks, and similar electronic security systems, know more about advantages of buy high security locks.

Single and double maglocks

Several types of magnetic locks are available to secure doors. Some of these locks are surface mounted, while others are concealed in the door frame. The type of lock chosen depends on the door’s purpose and the amount of security required.

Most magnetic locks require a dedicated power supply. This power supply must be installed on a dedicated circuit in your building’s electrical system. It should be large enough to handle the current draw from both locks.

Magnetic locks are a common option for storefront entry doors and interlock systems. They are also used for delayed egress in hospitals and on retrofit projects. They use low-voltage power to create magnetic flux. When power is removed, the maglock releases.

Surface lock

Whether you’re building a new home, remodeling an existing one or just looking to upgrade your current security, you’ll find an array of products to help you meet your security needs. Of course, no security system can completely secure your home, but you can be assured that installing the right hardware will make your doors harder to break into.

The RITE Touch RT1050L is a surface-mounted digital lock system that delivers flexible keyless access control in an elegant design. It’s easy to install, and is perfect for indoor applications. Specifically designed for use on glass, it’s non-destructive to your glass.

The most effective and efficient way to protect your home is to use a smart lock. These devices offer access control, remote locking, audio and video components, and more. If you have a computer room or stock room in your home, a smart lock will allow you to secure the door from the inside and allow you to access your files on the go.

Multi-point locks

Adding a multipoint lock to your doors can improve the security of your entryway. Compared to a basic deadbolt, these locking systems provide an extra layer of protection and deter casual break-in attempts.

A typical multipoint lock is a long strip of metal that locks into the frame of the door. The lock itself may be built into the handle or be a separate mechanism attached to the door. It has a series of hooks that engage with the door jamb and a spring latch that operates with a key on the outside. The multipoint lock also has a handle that is operated with a key on the inside.

Another common feature of a multipoint lock is a series of flush bolts that lock into the head and sill of the door frame. These bolts are available in either matte black or satin stainless steel finishes.

Re-key technology

Whether you have lost your keys or are just tired of the hassle of re-keying your door locks, the SmartKey security system is the solution you need. SmartKey’s re-key technology enables you to re-key your locks in no time at all. It works by taking advantage of simple physics principles to make it easier than ever to re-key your home’s lockset.

There are three basic steps involved in re-keying a SmartKey lock. You will first need to remove the existing key from the lockset and insert a new one. You will then need to use the SmartKey Learn Tool to learn how to re-key the lock. This re-keying process takes only a few seconds. Then, once the key has been re-keyed, the old key becomes useless and the new one is now the functional key.

Deadbolt locks inhibit the transfer of bacteria

Getting a new deadbolt lock is a great way to upgrade the security of your home. The right lock will help prevent break-ins while also preventing the transfer of bacteria. There are several types to choose from, including vertical, double, and single cylinder models. Some of them feature a numeric touch keypad for easy access while others are available with built-in batteries. You can even find locks with an audible beep to alert you when you’re locked out.

There are a number of different deadbolts, so it’s important to know what kind you need. Typically, they are packaged together in a set, which includes an exterior handle and an interior lever. In addition, you might need to drill a hole in your door, known as a cross bore. This will accommodate the latch installation and accommodate the slide of the deadbolt.