In Mexico, there are several manufacturing zones. These zones have sprung up around major cities. The reason behind this growth is the availability of cheap labor to be utilized in the production process. Another reason for this growing trend is the desire of companies from other countries to set up manufacturing units in Mexico. Mexico is now becoming an increasingly important economic, cultural and political ally of the United States.

Some of the companies that have established plants in Mexico are Coca-cola, Unocal, AT&T, Boeing, Daewoo, Dell, Cisco, INSETV, Montana Pacific, Valcor Inc., Hyundai, Kawasaki, Under Armour and Xerox. Mexico has a thriving agricultural sector with large food and beverage and chemicals manufacturing plants. One such company is the Tractor Technology Corp. The corporation is involved in the production, transportation and marketing of agricultural products. Another major player in the food and beverage industry in Mexico is Banamex.

There are major construction and infrastructure development projects happening all over Mexico. One example of this is the massive build-up being done in the state of Puebla. There are many factories and businesses in the state of Puebla, which manufacture consumer products including detergents, pharmaceuticals, food, chemicals, shoes, automobiles and semiconductors. The main industries of these factories include textiles, cement, metal works, roofing and adhesives, petroleum refining and chemical products. There is also an increasing demand for construction materials in Mexico.

Some of the jobs being manufactured in Mexico are computer jobs, automotive jobs and IT jobs. In the state of Jalisco, you will find electronics and computer manufacturing. In Guadalajara you can find textile mills and textiles. In Mexico City, one of the biggest manufacturing complexes is the NEC corporation. This complex manufactures everything from computers to telecommunication equipment to medical devices. NEC is one of the major producers of hearing aids in the entire world.

Another major producer in Mexico of household appliances is the appliance maker Freso. Most of the domestic market for household appliances goes through Freso. Other companies involved in manufacturing include Teva, Hormann, Frigidaire and Samsung.

The list of manufacturing companies in Mexico goes on. All of them employ a number of people who stay at home because they cannot go out to work. They are able to take full advantage of the low cost of labor by employing these people who stay at home. Some of these jobs pay well enough so that a family can survive