You have looked at different options to invest in a fake ID. As a matter of fact, there are multiple options for you available when searching for fake ID vendors. While reviews and legitimacy are essential, another crucial factor is the payment method offered as it is a concern.

The payment method must be precise and as authentic as fake IDs are becoming. With the latest technological advancements, they are more genuine looking than before. Therefore, you do not want to end up using a fraudulent website.

So, looking at reviews from previous users is essential before you purchase. For this reason, ID God wants to share some of the payment options available to ensure you are dealing with a legit fake ID maker.

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First: What is a Fake ID?

Fake identification is a form of credentials forged or altered to serve as a false identity of any given individual. When you have a phony ID, it has an image of you and your personal details from name to date of birth, gender, etc. A counterfeit ID provider creates a fake ID card or driver’s license with the information. You can get access to bars, clubs, and events with it.

You get two types of fake IDS one that has your personal details but is falsely issued and not made available by the government. An excellent example is a fake passport or driver’s license. Then you can steal an ID but not recommended and forge it by replacing the profile and photo.

Secondly: How do You Buy a Fake?

There are different options. You can consider buying a fake ID offline through an agency or a phony ID website online.

Working with an Agent

With some research, you can find domestic agents locally to help you buy a fake ID. Yet, keep in mind these types of businesses you find carried out discreetly. So, finding one you can trust is difficult. Another risk you face is that you will need to pay cash. Hence, you do not have authentic proof that you ordered a fraud ID, and it leaves you with a high risk of losing your money. Neither do these vendors have a review platform, and finding out if you can trust them becomes problematic.

Using a Fake ID Vendor Online

You have a vast selection of websites offering you fake IDs like ID God on the internet. Many offer you affordable prices, but there are much more benefits. You have multiple options available, and finding out if they are authentic is best done by reading feedback from previous customers. Furthermore, you have different methods of payment we will discuss here.

For this reason, ID God makes sure that our clients receive a top fake ID card and various payment methods. We accept payments from Gift Cards, Bitcoin, to PayPal. Using these methods makes it difficult to track both you and us to keep our identity anonymous and use a safe payment.

Bitcoin Payments

Bitcoin is a decentralized currency and is not regulated by the government. In addition, using Bitcoin for online transactions is increasing. The use of Bitcoin is safe to prevent tracking payments keep you and us safe. All you need is your cryptocurrency wallet to make a payment. So, it will not expose your financial details to a third party and keeps your transactions private.

The majority of fake ID providers use Bitcoin as a payment method. When choosing this option, you place your order and then send a specific amount to the address provided applied to each order. Once the particular script receives and checks the transaction, your orders are executed. You can also check the process using your personal wallet address.

Using Credit Cards

While using credit cards is an easy process offered by most websites, it is a recognized option for most people. The only problem is that you do not want to share your credit card details if dealing with a scammer. In addition, although it is a fast way to pay and secure with authenticated payment, it is regulated by the bank, making it easy to track.

Paying With a Gift Card

Another great way to pay for your fake identification is with an Amazon or Google gift card. The Amazon card is accepted worldwide for making payments on different fake ID websites. While the Google card is excellent to use for discounts.

Using a gift card is secure and safe, but not many websites offer these facilities. Another concern is that when you provide your gift card codes, it creates a risk of fraud, as you have no method of getting your money back once used.


Payment gateways like PayPal and Netteller are becoming popular. PayPal is one of your most secured payment gateways to do online transactions. You will find them available with us when ordering your fake ID. It is secure and allows you to make international payments while keeping your money safe. Still, you can find a trace of transactions to track back and can increase your risk of remaining anonymous in the process.

Using Gift Cards for Payments

Yes, we are highlighting the use of gift cards to make payments for your fake IDs.

The Amazon Gift Card

As mentioned, the Amazon gift card is one of the internet giants to make purchases. While many fake ID vendors do not use it as a payment method, it is accepted as a payment option. Furthermore, it is safe to use as it does not reveal your financial information and only needs to follow these easy steps when placing your order.

  1. You head over to the order form and select the number of fake IDs you want to make and your state.
  2. Check the price available in USD provided, and for that amount stated, you can visit any shop selling the gift card. On the other hand, you can use the Amazon Gift Card Locator to find a dealer near you.
  3. Then you purchase the gift card for the amount stated on your order.
  4. Once you have your Amazon Gift Card, you return to your order form to submit it and make payment.

The payment is safe, and orders are processed fast using this method. Still, a note is that many fake ID websites do not accept the Amazon card purchased online or in electronic form.

The Google Play Gift Card

Now, if you are lazy to head out to a store in person and prefer paying online, you can find some vendors accepting the Google Play E-codes and the physical gift card. In addition, you can use your PayPal to buy the Google Play Gift card online.

The Google Play E-Gift Code

The process of using this method is simple:

  1. As with the Amazon Gift Card, check the total price on your order form before submitting your purchase.
  2. Now, head to the PayPal store to buy your Google Play E-Gift Code, and you can purchase multiple E-codes.
  3. Purchase your codes for the total amount owing and submit a single or group order form.

The same rules apply when using your Google Play Physical Gift Cards as with the Amazon and the E-codes.

Wrapping Things Up

As you can see, when you order a premium fake ID, the process is simple. The only tricky thing is to find the right vendor and payment method that works for you. Hence, it is essential to look for a fake ID website that presents you with a secure payment option like ID God.